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Welcome to Keluarga invest Bahagia.


PT Keluarga invest Bahagia, or KiB, was founded as a new family office in Indonesia , because the world changed so much that it made sense to create a base for more than just our family.


Our history goes back to a family office in The Netherlands that started in 1954. Under the “about us” button you can read more about our history and some of our values.


Joining a family office or private banking often comes with high hurdles. Not so at KiB. The original investment office was only open to a few families, but we changed that. 


Surely we are selective and some of the products on offer are only made with higher levels in mind. But KiB is different and likes to be an answer for the needs of expatriates and high net worth families.


If you are responsible for your family’s financial well-being, we hope to hear from you.


  ir. Walter van der Boor


  Founder /CEO

"Those hurdles make it impossible to access"


Family is central in everything we do.

Money is one thing, but the quality of life is what we care for the most.

That is why we offer products that suit various families. 

Without the hurdles.


KiB is the family office you can afford

Investment solutions


Every investment is balancing between risk and returns. We follow the concept of the worlds most succesful investor ever. And offer you to join and benefit. 

Marine services 


We offer yacht registration and insurance services

Offshore for expats


Expatriate families have so much more to think about.

We offer a  parachute specifically designed for world citizens.



We offer products with capital protection and high, guaranteed, returns.

Looking for investments that make sense?


look no further

We offer a range of investments with historical proof of high returns

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KELUARGA iNVEST BAHAGIA a family office you can afford 



For privacy reasons anonymous, but real life comments

We feel privileged to be able to access the excellent services and grounded advice.

Really took the time to advise me on the package which suits me best. I would recommend anyone to, at least, listen to the advice on how to secure your financial future. 

Outstanding professional in the industry. Understands people, conducting himself in a very ethical manner and handling situations with ease and confidence.